I was born and raised in Mountain View, AR - a place I still call home today.  After graduating from Mountain View High School, I attended the University of Arkansas (Class of 1973) and the University of Arkansas Law School (Class of 1976). Shortly thereafter I started practicing law in my hometown.  In 1977, I was appointed as Municipal Judge by the Governor – a position I held for 9 years. 

In 1986, I was elected Circuit Judge and have served in that role for the past 29 years. My goal in every case before me as a Circuit Judge is to treat each case as the most important case I have to deal with.  This is because, to the people involved in that case, it is the most important case they may ever have. I pray each morning before I start court that I will be fair and impartial and to decide each case according to the facts, the law, the rules of evidence and the rules of procedure.  

In addition to serving as Circuit Judge, I have been a Drug Court Judge for 12 years.  The first thing I tell a person when they come into Drug Court is that the most important thing about Drug Court is honesty. You need to be honest with everyone you deal with, starting with yourself. You need to be honest, show up and work hard. I don't ask any more out of them than I ask of myself.  

I have always believed that politics should not be involved in court. When you walk through the doors of a courtroom, and especially in the Supreme Court, you should not have to worry that politics will influence decisions.  

Every judge in Arkansas takes an oath when they are sworn in to support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Arkansas. I take this oath seriously. I can look myself in the mirror every morning knowing that I have fulfilled this oath. I intend to keep this oath when I am elected to serve as your Chief Justice.

You have a clear choice in this race. What kind of Supreme Court do you want? If you want a Supreme Court that you can be assured will rule fairly, impartially and under the Constitution, without any undue delay, then join me in this race. If you want a Supreme Court that does not play politics, then join me in this race. If you want a Chief Justice who will champion the Rule of Law in all cases, then I’m the clear choice. 

My wife, Susan, and I have been married for 42 years. We attend the School Avenue Church of Christ in Mountain View, where I have the honor and privilege of serving as an Elder. We have two adult daughters and two grandsons.  

I've been asked why I'm running for Chief Justice. Over the past many months, it has become my calling to run in this election. This goes beyond my professional qualifications and experiences – it is of both spiritual and personal importance to me. After I am gone and my grandchildren are grown, I want them to live in an Arkansas where they can be proud of their Supreme Court. Please help me maintain the respect and esteem that the Supreme Court deserves.

One of my favorite pictures is one of me walking in our backyard with my grandson Hoover. In this picture you can’t see our faces, only the peaceful moment captured on a beautiful autumn day. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I was the boy walking with his grandfather. For me this picture symbolizes that we all come full circle in life. As we live each day, we must maintain a sense of integrity that is engraved in stone and will remain for generations to come.  

Please join with me in this important journey and tell your friends and family why you are supporting my candidacy.


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